ISTE being a Non-Profit making and one of the largest Autonomous Society focusing to enhance the quality of Technical Education and its allied areas in the Nation at large.
ISTE- Gujarat section has taken initiation to identify an ISTE Student Member/Research Scholar or a group of ISTE Student Members from an Institutional Member (For Polytechnic & Degree College) of ISTE every year from its family in Gujarat and to felicitate them for their outstanding innovative work in the areas of renewable Energy & thereby redefining excellence in Technical Education.
The Committee constituted by the Chairman of ISTE Gujarat Section will scrutinize the nominations received by ISTE Gujarat Section through proper channel on or before the due date and finalize the name of the recipient Institute of the Award. The Award will be presented in ISTE State Annual Students’ Convention of the respective year.

Objective Of Award

The Award is an initiative to identify & recognize an ISTE student/group of ISTE Students Members of an institution towards benchmark contribution in context with renewable energy and its allied areas through ISTE. The overall goal is to motivate students and institute to focus on developing various means of conserving energy, reducing the usage of conventional energy sources and facilitate the use non-conventional energy resources.
ISTE Gujarat Section invites its member institutions to send in nominations of student/group of students for ISTE GUJ-M.C.BHAVSAR AWARD FOR AN INNOVATIVE WORK IN THE AREAS OF RENEWABLE ENERGY for the respective year.

Scope of this Award

These awards are decided based on the parameters mentioned therein the nomination form. (All details provided should be pertaining to the period 1st April– 31st March of the Award Year). 
There will be a separate award for Diploma and Degree students. When a group of students is selected for the award, the whole group will be honoured by a Single Medallion. However, the certificate of appreciation will be issued to each individual student of the group. A special appreciation will be given to the Guide/Teaching Faculty for his valuable contribution and wonderful efforts. Any student of the group who is not a member of ISTE, his/her name will not be considered for the award. The research work should be completed during the period mentioned above.

Who can Apply ?

Only Interested ISTE Student Member/s or research scholars pursuing Ph.D in the areas of Renewable Energy- can apply by nominating project work/research efforts through their institute. The applicant/s have to apply for the same by downloading the form, fill it with requisite documents as attachments.

Selection Process

Note:- The project work/research results shall be produced in the present year only to be considered and not the past efforts, unless any exceptional case for developing a system of energy conservation/utilization of renewable sources over a few years.

Step 1:
• Fill in the form on the website of ISTE Gujarat Section in requisite format availing error-free information, evidential documents in support and credentials in connection to the nomination.

Step 2:
• An Award committee constituted by the Chairman-ISTE Gujarat Section will scrutinize all the submissions of nomination forms, check for the correctness of the data in the nomination form and finalize the name of the member. In case, if need be, the section may ask for availing evidential documents as appropriate to finalize the awardee.

Step 3:
• The ISTE Institutional Member as recommended by the Committee will be honoured with the said Award in ISTE State Annual Faculty Convention of the respective year.