Frequently asked questions about ISTE and its operations

For Life members

Q.1 How can I become a life member of ISTE?

Ans: If you are associated in technical field of education/ profession, and have a bachelor degree or diploma holder in engineering-pharmacy-management-architecture, download membership form, print it and fill the details, paste recent photograph, get it signed by Institutional Head (Principal/Director) of Institutional Member [if not applicable, leave it blank], attach self attested degree certificate copy and send if to ISTE Gujarat Section Secretary.

Q.2 I am not working in any college, can I yet join ISTE as Life member?

Ans: Yes, you can, follow the procedure mentioned above.

Q.3 Is any person or employee or employer of an industry or firm or organization eligible to get life membership of ISTE??

Ans: YES. A person or an employee or an employer of any industry or firm or organization is eligible to become a life member of ISTE subject to condition he or she has a basic qualification as prescribed by ISTE New Delhi.

Q.4 What are the benefits to become a life member of ISTE??

Ans: ISTE being one of the biggest non-profit making autonomous society registered under The Indian Societies Registration Act of Government of India provides sound and secured membership to the faculty for  life time and the amount that has  been  paid  is being used for overall development of the faculties in context with their academic and personality by providing ample opportunities to an individual for participation in different activities. The final outcome depends upon how effectively and efficiently an individual life member is participating in activities.

Q. 5 Does ISTE offer an annual membership to faculty member?

Ans: No. As such there is no annual membership option available at present. ISTE offers only life membership.

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For Student Chapters

Q.1 Is my institute based student chapter active?

Ans: An institute may have established with a student chapter, however, addition of new student members need to be done annually along with making payment to ISTE New Delhi and ISTE Gujarat Section. If not, the chapter looses its Active status with passing of youngest of student member registered in the chapter.

Q.2 Can my ISTE Student Chapter organize event for my college students?

Ans. Yes, any and as many number of events can be organized by a student chapter for students of the college. A permission from institutional head (principal/director) is required.

Q.3 Can my Student Chapter jointly organize a event with a student chapter of other institute?

Ans. Yes, however such events become potential state level activity. A request to ISTE Gujarat Section shall be emailed for approval along with payment of INR 500/- towards procedural charges. Any event beyond college campus/college students of the chapter is a state-level activity.

Q.4 At our chapter, we are organizing an event under the banner of ISTE. Can we use ISTE Logo in brochure/certificates?

Ans. Yes, if the event is for the students of institute, no further permission is needed. Refer to Ans.2.

Q.5 Our chapter wishes to organize a webinar. Do we need to have any approval process to be followed?

Ans. Online events need no approval process provided quality of the event is ensured with ethical practices following ISTE practice. Online events are not included in any award nomination evaluation.

Q.6 What kind of membership is granted to students??

Ans: Students of an Institutional Member having Students’ Chapter established, are advised to take membership at the entry level of their admission depending on the duration of course. i.e. if student is taking admission in diploma of three year course, then he has to acquire membership of three years. Please fetch more details about Student Chapter and Membership.

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For faculty chapters

Q.1 How do our Faculty chapter can receive funding assistance from ISTE?

Ans. Annually, if a Faculty chapter organizes at least six activities for its faculty members, the chapter share can be claimed to ISTE New Delhi. A form needs to be filled for the purpose along with details of all activities.

Q.2 What should be the contents of activity report?

Ans. An activity report may be of two/few pages containing proceeding of the event, details of speakers, number of participants and so on. It must have At least one photograph from the event showing ISTE Logo on a banner 

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General questions

 q.1 How to proceed to get sanction for hosting an ISTE state convention??

Ans: An AICTE approved and ISTE Institutional member has to fill a standard format which has to be signed by authorized signatory of the institute. The same has to be sent to the state section along with a covering letter and a demand draft or a copy of payment receipt (for online transaction) of INR 20000/- (a security fully  refundable deposit without interest) for SFI. However, government and grant-in-aid institutional members are exempted from this payment.

Q. 2 How to institute a state level award in association with ISTE GUJARAT SECTION???

Ans: An ISTE Institutional member can sponsor and  institute a state award in association with ISTE by sponsoring and paying amount of Rs 50000/- as a non refundable deposit.

Q.3 How to obtain sanction proceeding for an event proposed under ISTE Approval?

Ans: Institutional Members of ISTE and Chapters can organize any number of local level events benefiting own students and faculty members. If a state level event is proposed, INR 500/- procedural charge is applicable along with request of sanction proceeding for self finance ISTE institutional members and nil for Government or Grant-In-Aid ISTE institutional members. However, every ISTE institutional member has to  take sanction proceeding for each state level activity by sending a proposal to the ISTE Gujarat State Section for further approval. Please refer to Operational Guidelines.

Q. 4 Do we need to take permission for organizing a national or international level event under the banner of ISTE ND???

Ans: Yes. If an institutional member is proposing to organize a national or an international level activity, then it need to take prior permission and obtain sanction of ISTE ND before using its banner and logo at all applicable appropriate place/ instances. It is optional to route your proposal through ISTE Gujarat state section. However, it is required to intimate the ISTE Gujarat state section about the same.

Q. 5 Are there any protocols to be followed while organizing activity or event under the banner of ISTE ??

Ans: Yes. Any ISTE member organizing any kind of activity using the banner of ISTE, needs to follow certain protocols laid down by state / national body. Operational Guidelines may be referred to.

Q. 6 Does ISTE Gujarat section give any kind of financial assistance for organizing technical activities???

Ans: No. At present there is no such provision for availing any kind of financial assistance to the organizing ISTE Institutional Member for any technical activities. However, state section extends partial financial assistance of INR 10,000/- to ISTE institutional member for hosting Annual state level convention either faculty or students up on approval of sanction proceeding from ISTE ND along with additional financial assistance.

Q. 7 What kind of activity or activities can an ISTE institutional member carry out under the banner of faculty chapter or student chapter?

Ans: An ISTE Institutional Member can carry out any kind of technical or non-technical activities which are considered to be helpful to our stake holders in developing their academic career or enhancing their personality development.

Q.8 What are the basic requirements to establish ISTE faculty chapter and ISTE students chapter in an ISTE  institutional member?

Kindly click below given an appropriate  link to refer and know the requirements :

  1. Faculty chapter
  2. Students’ chapter

Q.9 Is it possible to establish ISTE student chapter or faculty chapter without ISTE institutional membership???

Ans: No. It is mandatory for an institute to be AICTE approved as well as must have ISTE institutional membership. For other details, please click to establish Institutional Membership at an institute/organization.

Q.10 What are the different state awards instituted till July 2021???

Please check the list of awards and records of awardees till 2019.

Q. 11 What are the details of ISTE Gujarat Section Bank Account?

Following are the bank account details of ISTE Gujarat Section:


Name of the Bank: BANK OF BAORDA


Type of the Account : SAVINGS

Account Number : 02010100009950

IFSC Code : BARB0VUNAGA [ Fifth character is Zero] 

MICR Code: 388012016

Q. 12 Does ISTE Gujarat Section has a PAN Card for financial transaction reporting?

Yes, ISTE Gujarat Section has been issued with a PAN Card by the Income Tax Department, Government of India towards identification of an entity under AoP category.

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