How to establish an ISTE Chapter ?


Step – 1 : The Institution, where the Chapter is to be established, must have been approved by the AICTE and also must be an Institutional Member of ISTE.

Step – 2 : Enroll 25 persons or more as ISTE members by filling up the prescribed application forms and returning them to ISTE Headquarters alongwith the membership fee by way of a DD in favour of “ISTE, New Delhi”.
n A single and combined DD may be drawn if members are more than one as per fee applicable.
n Do not club the faculty membership fee with student membership fee. It should be sent separately.

Step – 3 : On receiving the above, ISTE office will send you the following :
– Individual Membership Receipts, Cards and Certificates (for life members only).
– Chapter Formation Certificate and Instructions to Chapters
– Chapter share will be calculated at ISTE Headquarters and released only subject to submission of report of Chapter activities and an Audited Statement of Accounts. Chapter share is applicable on interest accrued on life membership fee only. No chapter share is applicable on annual membership fee.

Step – 4 : On receipt of the above details, convene a meeting of the ISTE members to elect the following office bearers and send the list to ISTE Headquarters :
– Chairperson
– Secretary-cum-Treasurer
– 3 to 7 members from among life members

Step – 5 : Arrange the inauguration of the Chapter in a befitting function and conduct the following activities :
– Lecture by Guest Faculty/Industry personality/local faculty returning from training programmes, seminars/local faculty.
– Training programme for a group of teachers by local/guest experts, i.e. computer awareness, CAD/CAM, teaching methods, project report writing, use of teaching aids, etc.
– Visits to work sites, industries, exhibitions, other institutions, R&D organizations
– Quiz programmes, competitions.
– Organise programmes using course modules available with ISTE.

The following course modules are available with the ISTE:
– Induction Training for Teachers
– Institutional Management
– Industry-Institute Interaction
– Strategic Planning for Institutional Development
– Performance Appraisal and Development System
– Leadership in Institutions
– TQM in Technical Education
– Women in Development
– Primary Management Skills


The proportionate share of the Bank interest on the Life Membership fee shall be remitted to the Chapter on receipt of the satisfactory report of Activities and Audited Statement of Accounts for the preceding year from the Chapter through proper channel. The request for the release of the Chapter share should be sent to the Headquarters during the month of July of every year. Student Chapter can retain their share out of total fee collected and send the rest amount to ISTE Delhi for necessary action.

The annual interest on Life Membership fee will be distributed as follows for the activities of Chapters, Sections and Headquarters :

Details of membership

Chapter Share

Section Share

Share of HQ

LM Number 0001 to 12140

(Joined up to 31-12-1991)

Rs. 4.00

Rs. 2.00

Rs. 4.00

LM Number 12141 to 19720

(Joined during 1-1-1992 to 31-3-1994)

Rs. 8.00

Rs. 4.00

Rs. 8.00

LM Number 19721 to 27000

(Joined during 1-4-1994 to 31-3-1998)

Rs. 20.00

Rs. 10.00

Rs. 20.00

LM Number 27001 onwards

(Joined during 1-4-1998 onwards)

Rs. 40.00

Rs. 20.00

Rs. 40.00

Note :

  1. The above mentioned distribution of annual interest on Life Membership fee @ 5% p.a. is on per-member-basis.
  2. The admission fee, if so any, is retained by the Headquarters.
  3. The Institutional Membership is retained in full by the Headquarters for developmental activities. No chapter share applicable on this.

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