For IM, Faculty Chapters & Students Chapter



  1. Institute, seeking to organize a State Level Activity/Event/Programme (except STTP) under the banner of ISTE, must have institutional Membership of ISTE.
  2. The Institute shall have ISTE Chapter (Students/Faculty) with requisite numbers of members as per norms laid down by ISTE, ND. The faculty chapter must have at least twenty five FRESH life members in the institute at the time of submitting the proposal while students’ chapter must have at least 100 or 50% of the total intake students’ members at the time of submitting the proposal. (Refer the website for updated information)
  3. To Enroll new student members in ISTE Chapter, the institute level procedure is to be carried out by the Faculty Advisor. Notification by ISTE New Delhi ->  “This is for the kind information of all the recognised Technical Institutions/Institutional Members of ISTE/AICTE approved engineering colleges (degree & diploma) /Polytechnics/Life Members of ISTE that ISTE has launched an Online Portal w.e.f. 16/12/2021 for all membership related work viz. new application for Institutional Membership, Life Membership, Student Membership and payment of fee via the same ONLINE PORTAL. Therefore, all are hereby informed and requested to kindly utilize this Online Web Portal for applying and making payments as no manual form or DD will be accepted. For any query please feel free to contact us on 9813198407, 8700067861, 9654821358, 9716950226. This will not only expedite the process quickly but also facilitate institutions and members in general and a step towards single online virtual real time hassle free platform. (Prof. Vijay D. Vaidya) Executive Secretary, ISTE ### ISTE GUJARAT SECTION WILL SUPPORT ASPIRING INDIVIDUALS BY PROVIDING RECOMMENDATION LETTER TOWARDS SUBMISSION OF ONLINE APPLICATION.”
  4. If the above item no. 2 is not satisfied, the Institute must submit the duly completed Membership forms in requisite numbers along with membership fees to the ISTE ND with its covering letter and follow suggested procedure as the case may be.
  5. For organizing state level event under ISTE at Faculty chapter or Student chapter, a detailed proposal with brief about the institute is to be submitted to the ISTE Gujarat Section by email along with a Cheque/Demand Draft/Online payment receipt of Rs.500/-per programme/event/activity (Except STTP) towards the Processing and Operational Charges towards availing a technical sanction. The Processing and Operational Charges thus collected is not refundable. If a Cheque/DD to be issued, it shall be in favor of ‘SECR CUM TREASURER I S T E GUJARAT‘ payable at PAR. No cash will be accepted under any circumstances. However, one can deposit cash/deposit online by NEFT/RTGS to the saving account of the Section. ( Bank of Baroda- Vitthal Udyog Nagar Branch-A/C No.: 02010100009950; IFSC – BARB0VUNAGA [ Fifth character is Zero] ). In this case, the receipt of the bank must be attached to the proposal to be sent to the Section. The government or grant-in-aid institutional ISTE Member is given exemption from this. They need to submit only proposal for the activity or program they want to organize.
  6. The Proposal must be routed through proper channel with the signature of the head of the institute.
  7. The Section will issue a Sanction Proceeding against the proposal request of the respective ISTE Chapter for the respective programme/event/activity and is valid for a year from the date of receipt of the sanction proceeding by the host institute. If the institute is not able to conduct the sanctioned programme as per original proposed dates and if they want to change the dates for the same programme, they need to take prior permission from the ISTE Gujarat Section with in stipulated period of a year. However, if the Institute/ISTE Chapter is Institute may carry out the same in the next successive year without paying an extra amount towards it with a prior intimation to the Section.
  8. Only those Institutes and hence the ISTE Chapters which have obtained a Sanction Proceeding for the state level event/programme/activity from the ISTE Gujarat Section following the routine procedure through proper channel, are permitted to use ISTE Logo and the name of ISTE at various places as an academic partner as and when necessary during the programme.
  9. The Activity/Programme/Event thus sanctioned by ISTE Gujarat section will be considered during the scrutiny of the nominations of various awards (National/Regional instituted by ISTE,ND and State Awards-Instituted by State Section) received by the section before the due date. The proposal/s of any activity/ies of National Level should be routed through the ISTE Gujarat Section for its/their recognition. The proposer institutional member needs to submit original as well a copy of the proposal documents to the ISTE Gujarat Section for the activity/program proposed. The State Section shall be doing the needful endorsements further and forward it to ISTE New Delhi.
  10. The ISTE Chapter submitting the award/s nomination/s shall have to attach the copy of the sanction proceeding of the state level activity/programme/event organised by its institute.
  11. At the completion of the programme/event/activity, the Convener/Coordinator has to submit the report in details including photos of the important occasions along with the list of the participating members, their life membership numbers (Membership Number for students) and a copy of the sanction proceeding issued by the section and other requisite as stated in it.
  12. The activity/ies will be monitored by the Member of SMC or National Executive Council Member as appointed by the Chairman-ISTE Gujarat Section and he/she will submit the report to the section for the same as a feedback.
  13. The brochure/leaflet of the activity must include the name of the Chairman and the Hon. Secretary cum Treasurer of ISTE Gujarat Section.
  14. Any dispute in connection with this is subjected to Vadodara Jurisdiction.


  • ACTIVE STATUS – Ensure that the student membership fees are paid with latest updated membership details.
  • PROPOSER – Student Chapter Chair-student may propose for a local event involving students of the institute. Any such proposals shall be initially discussed among student management body of the student chapter at the institute.
  • APPROVAL – Faculty advisor with consent of the institute head may approve any number of proposed event at local/chapter level under the banner of ISTE Student Chapter. Local events should be proposed, promoted at local/institute level.
  • REPORTING – Local events upon completion, shall be prepared with a one or two-pages report and retained with the Faculty Advisor. The report must have at least one photograph showing the banner of ISTE Student Chapter (with ISTE Logo) visible prominently. These records shall assist in making evaluation of Award nominations at a later stage.
  • ISTE STUDENT CHAPTER BANNER – shall have a mention of the name of the institute, ISTE Student Chapter, Institutional Member No. and Student Chapter Number; Logo of institute and ISTE.
  • INTERNAL COLLABORATION – The institute head may approve a collaboration of teams within the institute to jointly organize events in the benefit of the students of the institute.
  • EXTERNAL COLLABORATION – If two or more institutes look forward organizing an event involving students of multiple institutes, it shall be considered as a STATE LEVEL Event and, shall be required to follow the requirements as mentioned as in above Operational Guidelines.
  • PUBLICITY – The student chapter may opt for making publicity for the local events in the local newspaper, online and social media. If the information is provided to ISTE Gujarat Section office, up on request, the section may publicize the event on its media channels.