You are currently viewing Report – 17th ISTE Gujarat State Annual Student Convention 2020

The 17th ISTE Gujarat State Annual Student Convention 2020 was organized jointly by the ISTE Gujarat State Section and Atmiya University, Rajkot, on Monday, 28th February 2022, during National Science Day celebrations. The event was themed on “Environment Sustainability – Role of Science and Technology” The event was sanctioned for the year 2020 by ISTE; however, due to the spread of pandemic Covid-19, the event was postponed a few times, having received re-sanctions, and finally, it was a fortune to be able to conduct the event. The host institute has active Faculty and Student Chapters of ISTE, having large memberships and a sound frequency of organizing local and state-level events under the banner of ISTE. The event began as a pre-convention on 27th February with a few rounds of sub-events for student participation rounds in general. The day of the convention brought quality performance in all the activities recognizing earmarking actions by participants.

During the inaugural session of the State Convention, ISTE Gujrat State felicitated awards and a scroll of honour to Best Student of the year to 12 students who could involve themselves actively in the ISTE activities in their respective institute ISTE Student chapters in the year 2019-20. In addition to that, three institutional member institutes were also felicitated with awards for student welfare and developmental activities under the banner of ISTE. The convention was participated by 1,184 students who registered in different events. The convention was well-planned and organized by the hosting institute – Atmiya University, by a deputation of several teaching, non-teaching and student members for the execution of minute tasks identified in advance. Mr Kamalnayan Sojitra, Executive Director of Falcon Pumps, Rajkot, was invited as Chief Guest for the inauguration session. He also was felicitated and recognized as a leading contributor to the societal engineering excellence by ISTE Gujarat Section. Dr Bhasker V. Bhatt, Hon. Secretary cum Treasurer-ISTE Gujarat Section introduced the audience to the ISTE State Annual Convention following words of wisdom by Prof. (Dr.) Shiv K. Tripathi, Vice Chancellor, Atmiya University. Dr Sachin Parikh, Chairman-ISTE Gujarat Section, blessed the students and appealed to keep flourishing with technical knowledge and skill upgradation. The team of the ISTE Gujarat Section felicitated Atmiya University with a special memento for hosting the event. Mr Kamalnayan Sojitra shared his invaluable experience and insights in building an engineering application-based enterprise and operating it successfully. Dr Ghanshyam Acharya, Chairman-ISTE Chapter-Atmiya University, addressed the gathering with a vote of thanks.

The day was filled with technical activities, with some of the most outstanding performances. The valedictory session benchmarked these performances by felicitation of awards to winners of 13 sub-events of the convention. Each sub-activity was identified with the best of three performances for award felicitation and certification. The day ended with a note of thanks by Mr Manojkumar V. Sheladiya and Mr Mihir Gajjar, event coordinators, following all recitations of the national anthem.

More details with photographs are in the report below, prepared and submitted by Atmiya University.