Researchers and authors interested in participating the conference and contribute are requested to complete the registration process to generate a Login ID along with password.

Stage – 1

Abstract Submission

Once an abstract is submitted, it will be sent to the reviewers committee to go through the revision process as follows:

Elementary Review

Once an abstract has been submitted to our website (paper submission portal accessible after creating Login), it is assigned for review by the reviewers using the abstract review sheet and validation of publication.

This is based on four criteria:

  • Accepted for publication (with minor editing changes).
  • Conditionally accepted for publication (with revisions provided to authors).
  • Rejected but encouraged for re-submission with major modifications.
  • Rejected as inappropriate or unworthy of publication in this certain conference.

Abstract Acceptance

Authors will receive the feedback of the scientific committee. If an author receives the acceptance of his or her abstract, he/she is encouraged to submit the full-length paper using the requested templates.

Stage – 2

Registration for the conference

Once the Abstract is reviewed and accepted advising for submission of the full-length paper, the Researchers and authors are requested to complete the registration process and payment for the conference. Once the task is accomplished, they shall be submitting the full-length paper(s) for review process.

Uploading your Full-Length Paper

Authors who are allowed to upload their full-length paper(s) should use the same account details to upload their full paper(s) though the same paper submission portal where the abstract submission was performed. The first-hand check on the plagiarism content shall be performed and a report will be generated to check weather the paper has content within acceptable limits of the conference or not. If not, the paper will be reverted with a report to the corresponding author for considerable revision. The papers having plagiarism content within permissible limits will be forwarded through review process to be done by the appointed scientific and discipline specific review committee members.

Note : No full length paper will be accepted and processed for review unless the participant/s has/have completed his/her/their registration with total payment including registration and Package charges as the case may be.

Final Approval

Final inspection is composed of a rigorous revision process of submitted full papers according to the following criteria:

  1. Is the topic relevant to the conference?
  2. Is the writing and structure clear?
  3. Are graphics, photos, illustrations used where needed?
  4. Are the aims of the study clearly stated?
  5. Are the objectives of the study achieved?
  6. Is the literature review relevant and adequate?
  7. Has the author used an appropriate methodology and has it been clearly explained?
  8. Has the author interpreted the findings correctly?
  9. Is the paper a significant contribution to the field?
  10. Are the in-line citation and references are included sufficiently?

Acceptance Notification

The authors of the papers those are accepted by the review committee members, shall be notified along with a review report and acceptance notification by email. If any changes required, authors shall incorporate the same and re-submit a final copy of camera-ready paper script for the publication.