Full-length camera-ready papers must be uploaded along with completion of registration and payment of appropriate charges.

The research scholars, students, academicians, industrialists may submit their abstract of research work in the format provided herewith. THE SUBMISSION MUST BE UPLOADED IN “.PDF” FORMAT at the abstract submission portal linked HERE.

Guidelines for Abstract formatting

  • Title font – Times New Roman
  • Fonts- Times New Roman, Spacing- Single Pt., Font size-12 Pt., Justified text, length of text about 200-350 words.
  • The abstract of work may be a little lengthy or short but in no case, it should contain a maximum of 450 words and a minimum of 150 words, respectively.
  • The abstract should be inclusive of background of research aspects, recent past efforts in the research area, study area justification, data collection, methodology, analysis process carried out, result/finding/equation/model/proposal and so on along with the major concluding remark.
  • The scope of paper abstract is not limited to the above and may include relevant information necessary in the context of the research.
  • Include the references and used IEEE (2006) style of citation and referencing.
  • The abstract may not include any graphs, charts, maps or figures unless very much essential.
  • At least five keywords, comma separated, in A-Z alphabetical order, should include most relevant words, it is necessary for indexing.
Download the template files for use

Download .doc
Download .docx
Download .pdf (for reference only)